Vino Virginia was founded to provide guests with a unique and intimate journey, exclusive to the Virginia wine country.  Each trip offers an off-the-beaten path experience, illuminating the historical, cultural, and natural uniqueness of the Commonwealth while touring select wineries. Led by State Certified Tour Ambassadors, guests are introduced to the richness Virginia offers but is often missed or overlooked.

Mission: To offer guests an exclusive, upscale, behind the scenes experience in the Virginia wine country. Our experiences are uniquely crafted to honor the success guests have achieved in life. We strive to create an environment that is fun, comfortable and educational that guests will want to share with friends and family back home.

Vision: Vino Virginia strives to be the premier winery experience operator in Virginia and around the world, demonstrating high levels of integrity and professionalism.

Core Values

  1. Experiential – All tours provide an experience of a lifetime that is unique, fun and interactive.
  2. Educational –We provide an environment that is safe and comfortable for all levels of wine drinkers to enjoy learning about wine and the wine making process. Our goal is to help guests gain a better understanding and appreciation of wine, which will lead to a greater enjoyment of Virginia wines.
  3. Environmentally Conscience – Our experiences take into consideration our Earthly responsibility to maintain the natural beauty of the places we visit. We ensure our behavior is respectful and educational and not wasteful. We respect our bodies in the fashion they were designed.
  4. Unique & High quality – Our experiences provide new opportunities and we partner with like-minded companies whose focus is similar. All experiences offer quality and attention to detail while focusing on the individual allowing guests to relax, escape and fully soak in the experience.  We never stop being creative and energetic with new ideas to provide unique and one of a kind experiences for our guests.